About Ecofiber

High Performing Eco Building Envelope

Ecofiber Construction specializes in eco building enveloppes made from a hemp based bio composite.  Our Hempcrete bio composite wall system allows for a hermetic and well insulated Building envelope, regulating exterior temperature fluctuations, therefore reducing heating requirments up to 60%.  Ideally suited for the Construction of Leed and Passive House Standards. Learn more...

The Hempcrete we use for our Building envelopes is now locally sourced, has very little emobdied energy and  sequesters 108 kg of CO2/m3.  Furthermore, Hempcrete reduces lumber requirements, reducing framing costs by 30-40%. There is also no thermal bridging as the timber frame is burried within the mass of the insulation material.

Cast-in-situ Hempcrete provides a monolithic, fire-resistant Building enveloppe,  replacing sheetrock, insulation and tyvec all in one. Learn more about this revolutionary bio composit material and new construction method. 

Rent a Hempcrete Tiny House

We are pleased to add a Hempcrete Tiny House to our Eco tourism development in the Laurentians. Rent the hempcrete Cabin and come see for yourself the beauty of this revolutioary bio composite wall system.

Phillip Leclerc - Founder of Terra Perma

Our Journey

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Our Team

Sebastien Christ is the founder and owner of Ecofiber.

He has been highly involved in the Montreal sustainablity culture and has been asked to speak on topics of sustainability.

He subcontracts out to other contractors in the sustainability scene in Quebec who meet the standards for sustainable building.

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Want to learn More?

We are constantly learning about new techniques and materials that we can use to help improve the planet and standard of living at the same time.  If you want to learn more check us out on social media and comment and share what you find with others.