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This is the greenest wall-system on the market 

If you want to find out how we can help you use hempcrete on your next project shedule a consultion today.


Our Hempcrete wall system allows for carbon neutral, net zero passive homes. Our Hempcrete wallsystem permits for a revolutionary, thermally insulated, airtight , monolithic building envelope. Learn more...


We have developed an expertise in constructing costum hempcrete buildinging envelopes.  We also install hemp insulation mats, idéal for rénovations.  We can also  assist you in your self build with your expertise and experience. 


Attend our workshops or schedule an appointment to gain an insight into our revolutionary importance of educating the puplic on the greenest building envelope on the market.


Our dynamic carbon neutral wall-system sequesters CO2 

The environmental footprint of canadian homes contributes to a stagering  38% of national C02 emissions; Our wallsystem is ideal for the construction of Carbon neutral, energy effiecent homes; thus directly adressing Climate Change. Learn more...


An air-tight, monolithic thermally and acoustically insulated building envelope

The most essential component of a Canadian net zero home is a well insulated hermetic building envelope. Hempcrecte's revolutionary dynamic characteristics  reduce  cooling and heating requirements of homes by up to 80%. Learn more...


Long lasting, fire resistant, dynamic masonry wall

The masonry wall is designed to last for years and is completely fire resistant and made from sustainable materials.


Recent Realisations

Phillipe Leclerc - Founder of Terra Perma

We are pleased to add a Hempcrete Tiny House to our Eco tourism development in the Laurentians. Rent the hempcrete Cabin and come see for yourself the beauty of this revolutioary bio composite wall system.

Vincent Christ - CEO of Elysis

I decided to use hempcrete as insulation in my own home.

Ready to go carbon neutral?

If you are ready to take advantage of everything that hempcrete has to offer don't hesitate in scheduling a consultation with us today.

Want to learn more?

We are constantly learning about new techniques and materials that we can use to help improve the planet and standard of living at the same time.  If you want to learn more check us out on social media and comment and share what you find with others.